Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Future

Trav is very close to getting his associates at UVU - like he only has one more semester left (and seriously, it's about time!)  Then we'll move to Salt Lake City, he'll transfer to The U, go full time and finish up his bachelors degree (realistically that should take about 2yrs).  After that we'll apply to a couple of schools for his masters program and see where life takes us.  We definitely want to go out of state, so hopefully we'll end up on the East coast somewhere (preferably more SE, like ohh, sayyy.. South Carolina).  We just found this information out yesterday, so we're really excited!

To be honest, we've been wanting a change of environment for a while.  We've thought so often about just packing up and moving to South Carolina, but the majority of our family lives on the West coast and it'd be hard to leave.  I guess I can wait a couple of years for a legitimate excuse to get the hell out of here.

But really, I can't wait.

- M

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